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As a recruiter you confront many different challenges, from increasing your visibility with job seekers to rapidly finding the right talent. A few of these challenges are fun, others make your adrenaline going, such as having an ability that is high, difficult-to fill position that has been available for a while.

These situations may get pretty stressful as the days pass and these roles remain unfilled. You know the feeling: you are doing everything right, but the truth is that good candidates today have plenty of options. There are plenty of opportunities there, and it seems that you are in competition with all of them, attempting to draw, identify and catch gift from the exact same pool. 

To stand apart from the competition you want tools and you need info, in the right combination. They ought to be simple to use and ideally in the exact same place. Luckily, TransCruit is here to assist: Let us introduce you to Featured Employer.

Get more information about your job and company as a featured employer.

If you have ever sponsored a job on TransCruit, then you know that it is a fantastic way to do your open roles stick out from others by getting them appear noticeably in the search results. 

However, why stop there?  Becoming a TransCruit Featured Employer allows you to take this even further by providing additional advantages to promote your business while giving you access to actionable labor market insights that can assist you in finding and attract quality candidates. With regards to additional promotion, it works like this: job seekers are going to see your company emphasized on the right side of the page, next to the relevant search results.

Your jobs and company are displayed in search results page when you're a Featured Employer.
Your jobs and company are displayed in search results page when you’re a Featured Employer.

We are going to display your company logo and in addition give a URL to our TransCruit Business Page, which makes it’s easy for job seekers to proceed directly from the search results page to a source where they can find out more about your company and its culture. 

Job seekers can access a mixture of curated content from you and read employee reviews which will provide insight into your workplace. The better educated the candidate will be, the greater the likelihood of making a match that is right for them along with your company.

Describe the knowledge and tools to find a suitable candidate

But that is only one advantage to become a better employer. You’ll get access to tools and information to make your work more efficiently.

You will receive access to the local job market information with our hiring insights tool. This could improve your recruitment decisions by providing you with additional info on market competitiveness, including salary, top companies and which search terms get the most interest from the job seekers.

Additionally, you receive Resume Rewards, which may be redeemed for subscriptions or contacts on TransCruit Resume, our 100 million strong candidate databases. This sourcing platform is able to help you discover quality applicants with the skills you want to fill your pipeline that is hiring. 

The two degrees of Featured Employer: Basic and Preferred.

There are two degrees of Featured Employer, Basic and Preferred, which you qualify for based on your monthly spend on Sponsored Jobs. Spending at either Featured Employer degree will give your business increased visibility to your jobs and business, access to additional labor market insights and Resume Rewards. 

Additional features for your hiring needs

But, increasing your spend to the Featured Employer Preferred degree provides you additional perks, including Resume Rewards and free access to premium characteristics of TransCruit Company Pages. These attributes, like the testimonials filtering and competitive benchmarking, assist you further construct your employer brand and participate in conversations with job seekers, as well as provide you with the ability to measure branding results.


It is not easy to stick out from the audience nowadays, but that is part of the challenge, and hiring managers want members to their own teams.

Becoming a Featured Company increases the probabilities that your company and tasks are visible to job seekers in order that you may connect with best match gift for your functions and your organization. It supplies you with the insights to do hiring decisions and also access to a pool of candidates to your roles that are challenging. 

So what’re you waiting for? Contact your TransCruit Account Executive or get in touch to find out more about how you can become a TransCruit featured employer. 

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