Questions Job-Seekers Should Avoid During the First Job Interview

Questions Job-Seekers Should Avoid

If it’s your first job interview, there are some questions you should not be asking. These questions make you look a bit anxious. Why? Because for the wrong reasons, they may think you want the job, just like you need something temporary quickly until you can find something better.

You would not like to give this impression to the employer. Here are some of the questions you would like to avoid during the initial job interviews:


“How Much Will I Be Paid?”

While this is something that everyone needs to know, in your first interview, it is not something that you want to bring up. The aim of the initial interview is to get to know you as an individual, see how you are able to handle job-related common scenarios, and see if you are a good fit.

During the first interview, money is kind of like the elephant in the room. Everybody is thinking about it, but nobody is talking about it because, at this stage in the hiring process, it is irrelevant. Never initiate any monetary negotiation until they bring it up.


“What Do Your Benefits Look Like?”

At this stage in the hiring process, this is not necessary. The last thing you want to express is that you’re only concerned with the job’s benefits. They want to learn that you’re excited about the opportunity provided.

If you’re just in it for money and benefits, employers may think you’re going to leave their organization in an instant if you’ve got another deal with better benefits and wages. So why are they going to waste their time and money on you to start with?


“How Soon Can I Get Promoted?”

You still don’t have the position, and you’re already wondering how easily you can get promoted? While this question may make you look like a go-getter, the interviewer might think otherwise.

You’re just in the initial phases of the hiring procedure and you haven’t demonstrated your capacities to the organization yet. So, for certain employers, it would appear to be unreasonable to assess how quickly you’d be promoted. You don’t even have the Job offer yet!


We know how stressful an interview can be, particularly the initial interview with a company when you don’t know where you stand against the competition. If during an interview you avoid asking these three questions, you may not seem desperate, though you may be!


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