Speed Up Your Job Search With These Valuable Tips!

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Do you want a new job as soon as possible? Whatever the reasons you need (or want) a new employer as quickly as possible, there are a number of things you can do to speed things up if you’re looking to kick your job search into overdrive. While you may not have power over the employer’s timing, you will greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on the job market and start enjoying life at your new job by taking these steps at home.


Prepare Yourself First

Making sure your job application materials are complete and in great shape (you’ve had several people looking over each product and you know your documents are error-free and well crafted) is one of the most important ways to improve your job search because it decreases the time you have to spend on designing or upgrading your materials each time you apply for a new job.


Templates Are Indeed Your Best Friends

Based on the different types of positions you are applying for, have multiple templates ready to go for your cover letter so you can customize the document in a matter of minutes instead of writing a new cover letter for each job you are applying for. Nevertheless, don’t just design your cover letter templates. You can also create models of all your other career-related materials at the outset of your job searches, such as thank you notes, requests for references, networking emails, follow-ups, emails for acceptance or rejection, and the like. If you apply for many new jobs and expect to be on the job market for more than a few weeks, this is a particularly helpful time saver. Reach out to your network. Let everyone in your professional (and personal) network know that you are actively searching for a new job and sharing what your basic objectives are. Once you enter your network about what you’re searching for, be as precise as you can, which will cut back and forth on any needless as they try to figure out how or if they can point you in the right direction.


Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

Because many job applications give you the option (some even allow it!) to auto-populate your LinkedIn resume, ensuring that your profile is accurate, up-to-date and precise in advance will help the application process go much faster.


Sign up for custom job alerts

Custom job alerts are a great way to save yourself some time in your job search as you will find relevant positions specifically tailored to your preferences, requirements and search criteria in your inbox. Signup for Job alerts on popular Job Boards like Indeed, Monster, TransCruit, etc.


Designate a time table for job search on your calendar

Set aside a set amount of time every day when you’re only focused on your job search, almost approaching it as if it’s another work-related activity or assignment for which you’re on schedule. Block this time off in your calendar and find yourself unavailable during this period for meetings and calls. Looking at it as a necessary work practice or mission to accomplish will keep you focused and moving forward (and discourage you from procrastinating).


Do The Same With Networking

Just as you should do with your job search, explicitly allocate a set number of hours for professional networking each week or month with the stated goal of finding a new employer in mind.


Have Your Strategy ready

Have a clear plan from the get-go on the types of jobs, names, firms or places you’re searching for at the very beginning of your job search, and tune all the other noise you’ll possibly experience during your job search. Keep focused, and just take steps to get you closer to your target. Trying to figure out what you want from your career or what are your personal ambitions while you’re on the job market at the same time can be very challenging.


Keep The References Ready

Get a few reference letters ready to go at the start of the job search. Or, at least, notify your references that, they might be contacted and that you are looking for a quick response. Explain your sense of urgency to confirm their availability. For example, if one of your references is about to go on a 3-month sabbatical and has limited availability or accessibility while you’re on the job search, you might want to exclude them from your qualified reference shortlist and find someone else who can respond swiftly.

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