Staying Positive During the Job Search

Staying Positive During the Job Search

The hardest part of the job search process is coping with rejection. Rejections in an interview, hurt intensely. The best way to tackle rejection is to build a job search process, where you have another awaiting in the process if an opportunity drops. Establish such a whirlwind of your job search activity that you need to plan to recall where and what’s in the queue. You can’t and shouldn’t wait for one chance to close before moving on to another. Add at least three to five job search applications in a single day. A higher level of engagement would help you develop interactions with more than one client and one rejection would have little impact on you. Don’t ever let your morale tank collapse on rejection. Look more closely at how you can stay optimistic during the time of the stressful job search.


Never Take It Personally

A job interview is not a test of your value. The rejection decision is not about your professional worth, but several additional reasons which have a role in decision-making. This decision will descend to whoever has the best skills and suits the position and organization, instead of the individual interviewer taking proactive hate for you.


Never Treat Rejection as Feedback

Even though you didn’t get the job, it doesn’t mean you’ve done it all wrong. You must ask the hiring manager to provide you feedback on your results so that you know where you’ve gone awry.


Never Carry the Baggage

Single Rejection shouldn’t be the end of your job hunt. If you keep uploading the baggage along, you may lose your next chances as well. So, learn from rejection and move forward.


Keep Learning

A rejection will render an impact on your level of confidence. So, it is crucial to continue working diligently and keep your moral standards elevated. It’s essential to keep your skills sharp, particularly if you don’t have a full-time job.

A volunteer role in your business sector could be an additional benefit for you. That would keep you professionally engaged and in contact with the industry’s regular updates.


Keep Working on Your Networks

It is a great practice to speak with your network about just how you feel during a job rejection. You should update them on your present status, and inquire about any openings. In this kind of situation, you should get expert advice. Seek a career coach, an expert in the field or someone to support you through the phase.

Check your CV with them, and find out if they have the power to get you through. Share the feedback provided by the interviewers with them. It would definitely benefit you a lot.




It hurts to get rejected, but it doesn’t have to ruin your job search. Stay engaged and optimistic for the future. So, go on a break if you feel exhausted. Refresh yourself and come back with a stronger mindset.



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