Tips on Getting a Job with no Experience!


Just completed your studies and you’re looking for your first job now.

Mentally prepare yourself, as this will be one of the most exciting and challenging moments in your career.

First of all, everybody – from your parents, peers, classmates to your neighbors, and teachers – is watching you and setting their expectations right now.

Secondly, it’s a tough competition.  According to TransCruit, more than 300 resumes are being submitted for a single job vacancy. In other words, getting yourself recognized is a challenging task, especially if you are competing with the candidates who have impressively long CVs and years of work experience.

It takes us to an employer’s conflicting expectations. They are, on the one hand, looking for talented, young people and, on the other–wanting them to have fruitful work experience. So even if you prove to be a good fit for their company, they might choose to recruit someone more experienced.

However, this doesn’t mean that you put an end to your hope and keep thinking about how unfair life has been. You need to focus on your career from the first day itself, even if that means spending a little more time or getting out of your comfort zone.


Here are a couple of ideas that can really help.

Polishing up your Resume.

Your CV is essentially your first communication with a potential employer and it must be impeccable. Otherwise, it would be scrapped. Research shows that the first applicants arrive within 200 seconds from the time a job is posted. Recruiters don’t have time to read them carefully as they will keep piling up at an astounding rate. Instead, it takes them about 6 seconds to scroll through your curriculum vitae and see if it is worth their time. That is why you must understand how your resume is assessed by a recruiter. They will look at your name, educational background and history of work first.
Begin with a powerful description that will impress and make a recruiter think of you as a good fit. Then, based on what you have learned from the job description, list all the courses and school projects that may be attractive & relevant to the recruiter. If you’ve volunteered or have done an internship, count on that. Don’t forget to emphasize your soft skills, as they are usually as precious as work experience to a recruiter.

Here is also what you need to take into account when making your CV:

  • Carefully read the job description, see what types of applicants a company is looking for and tailor your Resume to their requirements.
  • Take your photo off. Serious recruiters do not wish to make choices on the basis of the physical appearance of an applicant.
  • Make sure that your email is pro. In other words, 76 percent of CVs are rejected if the email address from which they are sent is too casual or inappropriate.
  • Check your grammar and spelling to prove you are serious about taking the job.You need to add lots of information to a fairly limited area, so every word needs to gain its position on the resume and should be relevant.



Build up a strong image online.

  • Personalize your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest social network of professionals and thus, can help you get viewed by the right audience. Thousands of companies in the United States use LinkedIn to communicate with potential candidates. So, you can even use it as a digital form of your CV. Moreover, unlike a regular resume where you only make a list of your skills, qualifications, and experiences, LinkedIn helps you “humanize” your presence online.

Keep your LinkedIn account updated with a photo that looks professional. Account with an appropriate photo earns 25 times more views and 40 times more messages then a regular profile without a photo or with a casual photo.

Write a catchy summary to help increase your chances of being noticed

Mention all the relevant skills, projects & work to gain relevant attraction to increase your visibility.

Connect with the people you don’t already know, but still, consider the importance and relevance of your connections. Rather than just increasing the number of contacts forcefully, concentrate on creating and maintaining connections with people relevant to your industry. Growing connection with people who have confused LinkedIn with other social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram or Tinder may affect your online image.

Socialize yourself. Socialize yourself. Engage with your connections by posting relevant industry content, and/or commenting on the activities of your connections. Rather than just generic “I’d like to add you to my qualified LinkedIn network,” add a personal touch to your invitation and underline why you want to connect with them.

  • Assess online activity

Don’t update inappropriate videos, pictures or posts online. Inappropriate online content could probably get your job application rejected, as 80% of recruiters google their applicants nowadays to better study them. So, if they don’t like what they see, then they’ll just vote you out.

Previously, we addressed the concept of a social media presence and explained that anything you share, like, or comment on over the internet contributes to your online identity. So, go incognito, search yourself to see what a recruiting officer can find out about you.

Previously, we addressed the concept of a social media presence and explained that anything you share, like, or comment on over the internet contributes to your online identity. So, go incognito, search yourself to see what a recruiting officer can find out about you. If you do not want them to see something, ensure that you remove it on time. Most specifically, be assure before sharing anything on a public domain in the future.


Emphasize on the skills you have rather than the skills you don’t.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you must have found that almost everyone is an expert in some domain, despite their knowledge of the industry and experience. The same is true with resumes. Numbers are rather alarming, because they tell us that 1 out of every 6 candidates are lying in their Resume.

So, do you need to do that to land a job? Clearly not.

Let us just assume, a recruiter is pleased with a bunch of fake details that you have applied to your curriculum vitae and schedule an appointment with you. They begin to ask you questions and learn that you’ve been faking. In cases like this, you are automatically removed from the list of candidates.

Why does someone have to do that?

Hiring someone isn’t just an examination of their skills & abilities. It’s also about looking at them as a potential part of a bigger team, someone whose personal characteristics, preferences & thoughts complement the core values of the firm.

So, ensure you’re honest with the details you’re adding to your resume and online platforms. You should put more emphasis on the projects you have done on your studies, demonstrate the soft skills that can make you a perfect fit, and effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas that can give a firm a nudge. Pay close attention to your LinkedIn promotions too. People will continuously praise you for a wide variety of skills, several which you may not even have and need to sort out asap.


Don’t shy away from work internships and volunteering

If you have accomplished all of the above and are still having difficulties to get a job, then maybe you should try applying for an appropriate internship or volunteering role in a reputable brand. These knowledgeable internships and volunteering opportunities would look very good on your professional resume as well as gaining the experience and knowledge you need to get a good job. Not to mention many contacts that you’ll make through your internship could also be helpful in many ways.

Upon reaching the desired organization, be sure to mention why precisely you have chosen them among their competitors and illustrate your past experiences & skills they may find useful.


Looking for your first job with no experience can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on your perspective of view. It is a fantastic opportunity to begin constructing your career from scratch and to develop it in the right direction. But, it’s only possible if you take the appropriate measures right from the start. Otherwise, it is going to be tough.

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